Improving Performance In Sports Through Sports Science

by akfdc 10. May 2011 21:57

The field of sports is one of the most challenging. A slight let up in practice or an iota of lethargy can cost the sportsman or his team a medal or an important win.

The sheer pleasure we derive from watching football hero Ronaldo, score that stunning goal for Real Madrid becomes the hot topic in football circles for days on end. The stunning winner Nadal, scores from an absolute impossible position on the tennis court leaves his opponent doomed & his fans feverish with joy.

 These top athletes & their kind, for their performance, have a lot to thank the rapidly developing field of Sports Science. Sports Science is a faculty of science that abets & aids the sporting fraternity create milestones that they crave for & sports lovers savour.

What exactly is science in sport? How far does it go in helping the sports person maintain his/her dream runs? It’s as a matter of fact a vast field and besides other things includes psychology, physiology, motor control, bio-mechanics, nutrition, diet and a heap of other means to achieve most favourable sporting excellence.

Sports Science helps athletes conquer their self-imposed mental limitations. It helps the sportsman achieve optimum physical power, much needed for peak performance. It lends a hand to rid them of the jangling nerves & smothers the butterflies that emerge from nowhere in the playing fields.

Performance against odds is the ultimate challenge for the sportsman. Surpassing oneself is the key to being the world’s best in sports. It is the biggest drive for the athlete. Sports Science helps the performer bring out his best at the right moment.

 It is the beat that helps a football champion like David Beckham put it all together with his banana free kicks that crash into the back of most goal posts.

Besides supplementing the mental strength of the sportsman, Sports Science also benefits us in our everyday lives. For eg it has been of great assistance in cutting down the time we take in recovering from our everyday injuries. Injuries that not so long ago took us days to recuperate from can now be treated in a much shorter time, thanks to advancement in Sports Science. It also influences what we wear, eat and adorn our feet with.

Whichever way you look at it Sports Science is here to stay & be a part of our lives

How about heading that dusty football in your attic or better getting that MBA in football management? 

About the Author
Rohit Kulkarni is a faculty at AKFDC (Bharati vidyapeeth), a premier educational institute dedicated towards education, development and training of sports industry professionals in India.


Careers in Sports Science

by akfdc 10. May 2011 21:01

There was a time when the word science had strictly academic connotations. Laboratories emanating gaseous fumes, diligent students engrossed in dissecting frogs & burning the mid-night oil for the science exams was the dreary picture.  Look how things are today & you will see a different picture as science is wafting its way out from the throttling odor of the journals onto the haloed turf of the sports field.  

With modern man getting more & more fitness driven there is a deluge of fitness facilities, sport nutrition products, equipment. This has led to a gamut of career opportunities in the area of sports science.

The options are as widespread as can be. You could be a well-heeled sports management professional or can be amongst the privileged that have a major say in picking sportsmen for the future. There are a plethora of other careers you could choose from that include becoming a  performance analyst, sports coach, sports therapist, fitness center manager, dietician or nutritionist, sports administrator, strength and conditioning specialist or retail manager of a sports store

As in the field of arts, passion is the key to go far in the vocation of sports science. A combined love for sport and science has created some of the most successful sports science careerists.

Even a basic graduate degree in science opens up a window of opportunities as one can go ahead & transform into a physiotherapist, exercise physiologist or a clinical exercise consultant. Opt for sports management as your post graduate subject & you are on your way to a career in sports science.

Well honed communication skills & the ability to relate to all kinds of individuals from varied backgrounds is an asset when one is looking for employment with a sports team.  

With the sporting business morphing into a multibillion dollar industry sports stars today are bigger than any movie star. They endorse some of the most high-end products used in every part of the world. Here is where the role of sports managers comes into play. Player-Managers are in vogue today as both, players starting out & those who have scaled peaks have managers or agents today. These managers are almost like the second skin of the sportsman they associate with. Their activities include business promotion, handling media & public relations.

Sports’ broadcasting also throws up some of the most lucrative careers with some managing to carve a niche for themselves. The career offers stardom as an alternate incentive besides a good pay package to go with it.

It is indeed our conviction that a career in the wide world of sports science is an option for the future.  Some of the notable & with proper training you can work for a reputed sports organization or in allied individual fields that are so much a part of our modern sport culture. Below is a list of career options you open yourself to once you choose a career in sports science.

Sports Job Opportunities Include

·         Performance Analyst

·         Sports or Event Administration

·         Sports Specific Coaching

·         Umpiring and Referring

·         Fitness training and Nutrition Counseling

·         Player Personnel

·         PR and Community Relation ports Journalism

·         Game Day Operations

·         Sports Marketing (Sports equipments, apparels, nutritional supplements,etc)

·         Sports Management

·         Sports Broadcasting

·         Media & Communications

·         Event Management

·         Athlete Endorsement & Sponsorship

·         Athletic Director

·         Sports Information Director

·         Track & Field Management

The list is endless. So, what’s stopping you from grabbing that diploma in sports science?

About the Author
Rohit Kulkarni is a faculty at AKFDC (Bharati vidyapeeth), a premier educational institute dedicated towards education, development and training of sports industry professionals in India.




Welcome to AKFDC Blog

by Administrator 13. November 2010 00:00

When it comes to establishing a centre for grooming football excellence in the country, it doesn’t get better than this. Liverpool FC – the most successful football club in the history of English football, UK based International Company KickWorldwide and Pune-based education giant Bharati Vidyapeeth have come together to set up the Abhijit Kadam Football Development Centre, a first-time endeavour between an English Premier League club & sport marketing major and an Indian educational institution to create football management professionals in India, and to identify future international playing talent as well.

The AKDFC has been created in collaboration with Cheshire, UK based International Football Company KickWorldwide in one of India’s fastest growing urban centres. Recent studies by economy watchdogs have pegged Pune as 7th in India in terms of overall growth. In other words, a prime location for one of the most popular football clubs in the world to teach football.

The Centre is based on the sprawling campus of the Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, home to nearly 250,000 students. The Centre is named after Abhijit Kadam the son of Bharati Vidyapeeth founder Dr. Patangrao Kadam. Abhijit, an avid football player, was tragically killed in a road accident. Since then, his family, with his brother Vishwajeet at the helm, has devoted much time towards enhancing footballing excellence in India in his memory.

Students at the Centre will be able to choose from several football-based courses, which have been designed in partnership with leading UK-based educational institutions. The courses on offer include Coaching, Refereeing, Sports Science, Sports Turf Technology and Football Industry Management. While most of the curriculum will be delivered on the Pune campus, students here will be offered the chance to complete a part of their course in the UK with affiliated institutions.

For aspiring young footballers in India, there can be no better destination to take their raw talent to a higher level. As students opting for the Centre’s football-based courses, they would be combining their studies with honing their football skills under the expert guidance of Liverpool FC coaches. This would be based on Liverpool FC’s highly innovative approach to teaching football to assist the development of the football industry in India.

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