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by akfdc 10. May 2011 21:01

There was a time when the word science had strictly academic connotations. Laboratories emanating gaseous fumes, diligent students engrossed in dissecting frogs & burning the mid-night oil for the science exams was the dreary picture.  Look how things are today & you will see a different picture as science is wafting its way out from the throttling odor of the journals onto the haloed turf of the sports field.  

With modern man getting more & more fitness driven there is a deluge of fitness facilities, sport nutrition products, equipment. This has led to a gamut of career opportunities in the area of sports science.

The options are as widespread as can be. You could be a well-heeled sports management professional or can be amongst the privileged that have a major say in picking sportsmen for the future. There are a plethora of other careers you could choose from that include becoming a  performance analyst, sports coach, sports therapist, fitness center manager, dietician or nutritionist, sports administrator, strength and conditioning specialist or retail manager of a sports store

As in the field of arts, passion is the key to go far in the vocation of sports science. A combined love for sport and science has created some of the most successful sports science careerists.

Even a basic graduate degree in science opens up a window of opportunities as one can go ahead & transform into a physiotherapist, exercise physiologist or a clinical exercise consultant. Opt for sports management as your post graduate subject & you are on your way to a career in sports science.

Well honed communication skills & the ability to relate to all kinds of individuals from varied backgrounds is an asset when one is looking for employment with a sports team.  

With the sporting business morphing into a multibillion dollar industry sports stars today are bigger than any movie star. They endorse some of the most high-end products used in every part of the world. Here is where the role of sports managers comes into play. Player-Managers are in vogue today as both, players starting out & those who have scaled peaks have managers or agents today. These managers are almost like the second skin of the sportsman they associate with. Their activities include business promotion, handling media & public relations.

Sports’ broadcasting also throws up some of the most lucrative careers with some managing to carve a niche for themselves. The career offers stardom as an alternate incentive besides a good pay package to go with it.

It is indeed our conviction that a career in the wide world of sports science is an option for the future.  Some of the notable & with proper training you can work for a reputed sports organization or in allied individual fields that are so much a part of our modern sport culture. Below is a list of career options you open yourself to once you choose a career in sports science.

Sports Job Opportunities Include

·         Performance Analyst

·         Sports or Event Administration

·         Sports Specific Coaching

·         Umpiring and Referring

·         Fitness training and Nutrition Counseling

·         Player Personnel

·         PR and Community Relation ports Journalism

·         Game Day Operations

·         Sports Marketing (Sports equipments, apparels, nutritional supplements,etc)

·         Sports Management

·         Sports Broadcasting

·         Media & Communications

·         Event Management

·         Athlete Endorsement & Sponsorship

·         Athletic Director

·         Sports Information Director

·         Track & Field Management

The list is endless. So, what’s stopping you from grabbing that diploma in sports science?

About the Author
Rohit Kulkarni is a faculty at AKFDC (Bharati vidyapeeth), a premier educational institute dedicated towards education, development and training of sports industry professionals in India.




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